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Ultimate Spinner Target

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Because Practice Makes Perfect...Sense

There are many spinner targets a person can buy on the internet and most have these similar characteristics:

  1. Ultimate Spinner TargetsThey are made in China
  2. They are made of bent and welded round stock.
  3. Spinner targets are not designed to be replaced and
  4. You must have cutting and welding equipment to replace spinners or frame.

We have taken a fresh approach.

Our spinner target system is designed to be shooter friendly .

Except for the spinner targets and frame pieces everything that would need to be replaced can be found at your local hardware store.

Mounts into any of our target stands. All you need is a 6" adjustable wrench to put it together
Many ranges are using concrete filled tires that use furring strips. The Ultimate Spinner set-up can be used in any stand that is designed to use 1x2 furring strips.

Change configurations easily. Set up several different configurations cheaply before you go to range.

Damaged spinners are easily replaced, so you don't need to worry about trashing them. Why should you buy a whole new setup just because you want to test the limits?� If you damage the cross bar, it can be found in any hardware store.
We are one of the very few companies offering hardened spinner target replacements, which will work in just about any spinner target set up out there, providing it can be replaced to begin with...

Spinner shot .223 armor piercing

All spinner target set ups available in stores are made with regular mild steel(a36) see pic >>>
Because of this the spinners targets are easily damaged. Here's a pic of a 1/4" mild steel spinner shot with an AR-15 (.223) at 50 yards.

You may never want to buy another cheap spinner set up again when you can get easily replaceable hardened spinner targets.

No matter who made the target, you can replace spinner targets with our hardened steel spinners which last 2-3 times longer.

Hose clamps work well positioning spinners on cross bar.

We use threaded 1/2 inch rod instead of chain because it's cheaper to replace and more stable..means less time between shots.
If you damage cross bar, you can get 10 feet of the stuff at Lowes for around 9 bucks.

Spinner targets come in 3" diameter gong and 6 inch square(for now):.22,small pistolHardened spinner target

  • 1/4 AR400 Most pistol calibers
  • 3/8 AR400: All pistol calibers some rifle

AR400 steel is a high hardness, high strength quenched and tempered chrome-moly, boron treated alloy plate with good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and impact abrasion.

AR500 and are quenched & tempered through hardened wear resistant grades of abrasion resistant steel plate used for severe impact and abrasion.

Both grades have a distinct sound when hit and far outlasts regular steel spinners found on most set-ups.

We use unusually high temps for spinner welds, assuring superior strength.

Now you can go to the range, start shooting paper targets and then switch to reactive spinner targets with the same target stand base!

What kind of steel should I shoot?

We offer two kinds of steel ,AR400 and AR500. By choosing the correct steel for the type of shooting you'll be doing, will help ensure that your targets stay in good condition for a long life.

For handgun shooting, choose AR400 and save a little of money since it is less expensive than AR500 steel.
AR400 has a Brinell hardness range of 360-440 BHN.

For a combination of rifle, shotgun or handgun, choose AR500. AR500 has Brinell hardness range of 475-550
AR500 is the most durable of the target steel and can take a lot of abuse. While more expensive than AR400 these targets can take the abuse and will last longer.


Replacement Spinner Targets

Questions about the Ultimate Spinner?

 Easily replaceable crossbar system.*Fits into any of our stands

  spinner target set up

spinnersWhopper SpinnerRight Photo:
3/8 AR400 6 inch Plate
Mounted on Basic Spinner Set-Up

Left Photo:
3 inch mild steel gongs on
Spinner Set-Up

Spinner Targets

This is a very popular configuration.
2-3" � AR400 spinners and the Whopper.

3/8 thick 6 inch square AR 500
AR 500 Steel

Below is a ProRange22 2x2 with 2 rows for spinners

Target Stands

TIP FOR 100 yard rifle shots (AR500 steel).
Paint plate with quick dry flat spray paint.
Use that same can of paint to "paste" over previous shots-alternating sides so that
paint has time to dry(about five minutes). This way you can see your impact point as well as seeing it reactively

*Uprights may require some fitting in Pro Range Models

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