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Why is red oxide primer important?

The red oxide prime we user is a lead-free, oil-based, high-quality, rust-resistant primer ideal for use on metal surfaces such as aluminum, iron and steel.  It also has a much higher bonding coefficient than available enamel paints when used on steel or iron.

The corrosive resistant pigments of red oxide primer make it an ideal choice for use on farm equipment, railings, window frames, fences, structural steel, pipes, field machinery and storage tanks to act as protection from exposure to chemical fumes, excessive heat and humidity, rain and wind.

This primer uses iron oxide for coloring which helps the bonding to iron or steel.  Primer of this type "anchors" the coat to the steel and to subsequent coats of enamel or latex.

We use a primer made for industry standards for longevity and has shown durability of 5x that of steel painted with enamel only.

Beware of any steel or iron product not treated in this manner.

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