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Are you are tired of putting targets up on old dilapidated target stands?
Then this windproof, freestanding, stake-able shooting stand is what you are looking for. Takes seconds to set up and take down. Almost impossible to damage!

Our Guarantee

  • Stackable (Store as many as you want in a 2-3 foot square area) Very important if several need to be stored.
  • Lightweight for easy deployment
  • 2 sizes available. 22" & 18"
  • Simple Freestanding one piece design 
  • Low profile heavy duty steel or aluminum frame, sturdiest stand of this type available
  • Institutional Duty quality. Extra heavy welds.
  • Plastic end caps keep debris out and won't scratch surfaces (like your p/u bed!)
  • Each is handmade by an American in the USA
  • Stake-able legs make this a Windproof target stand (HD stakes included)
  • Ideal for CCW training, IPSC, IDPA, NRA and cowboy action.
  • Lifetime supply of free online targets
  • Use the cardboard box for your first set-ups.
  • Every stand is primer coated -You paint to suit (or not) We charge $5.00 for a custom color. See the order page for details This is painted over the primer coat, not on bare metal.
  • Digitally MiG Welded
  • No special targets or accessories to buy-No parts to keep track of. 
  • Uses 2- 1x2 furring strips for target frame (not included)
  • Takes almost any size target limited only by the size cardboard backing you use.
  • IDPA/IPSC size model available

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"Honestly the best target stand available for under $40.00 on the internet."
Mike Murphy-Missouri

"These guys don't skimp on the welds...well made...timely delivery"
Paul B-Colorado

"No more storage problems...we can stack 30 in a closet now!"


IDPA/IPSC size model available  

Shooting Solutions

Target stands have been a problem since man invented the sling shot. How can you secure your targets and what do you use?

You probably shoot in some pretty barren and windy areas with only rocks, trash or the occasional crow to shoot at. We have spent many an afternoon shooting in windy weather in the mountains. Our problem now is having to wait while other shooters go out to re-erect their blown down targets!

There are many stands on the market so why would you want this one? Simple. It's Made in America , 100% dependable heavy duty design. No special hardware or pieces to keep track of. No special targets to buy. It has a Lifetime Guarantee and the price is right.


Since we are the manufacturer, we can offer wholesale prices starting at $32.50. If you had a local fabrication shop make these, they would cost at least $65 apiece. Additionally, this is a stand you should never need to replace. Target stand manufacturers base their business on the fact that the stands they sell have to be replaced eventually. These stands are designed to last a lifetime....period.


Plus, for more stability these stands have supports that are longer("20) and legs that are drilled for staking in windy weather. (stakes included) The "18 inch models still have "20 legs.


When you are at a public range, there is usually not the freedom to change distances easily. This is crucial for effective training. Now you can stay on the "common" firing line and still change distances easily without risking your life. They are excellent for multiple target acquisition when placed strategically on a course.

IDPA/IPSC size model available

Simple, dependable, heavy duty, light weight and best of all, it works for any kind of paper target. You can also staple silhouette cut-outs directly to the furring strips.

The stand is constructed of Digitally MiG welded , 16 & 11 gauge(not 18) high quality hot-rolled square steel tubing. It is designed to hold 1"x2" furring strips as the uprights for the targets (see pics). Shoot many targets of all sizes and shapes before the cardboard or the furring strips need to be replaced.

The Pro Range Model has thicker walled uprights for a more wobble free furring strip fit. Click here for picture

The overall size is 24" wide by 6" high with 20" legs for superior stability, especially when freestanding. Distance between uprights is 22". When using 4 ft. furring strips, targets 18" up to 36" wide can be accommodated. The legs are drilled to allow for staking in windy weather (heavy duty stakes included).

The low profile makes it almost impossible to damage the stand itself. You have to be a really bad shot (or good shot) to hit the permanent frame.

The stands weigh about 5 lbs (2lbs for aluminum model). We paint them with a generous coat of red oxide primer, so they are ready for painting if desired (grey for aluminum models). We charge $5.00 for a custom color. See the order page for details This is painted over the primer coat, not on bare metal.

We have also designed them to drain water from the uprights if for some reason they are left out in the rain.

Furring strips cost about $.75 each if you can't pick them up for free somewhere. They are used for just about everything on construction sites and can be cut to height for individual shooting conditions and/or styles.

For hunting rifle sight-ins we recommend 3 to 4 ft. For handgun defense practice a little higher, 4-5 ft.

The 1"x2" wood furring strips (not included)usually take quite a pounding before they expire. We've gone many hours of intense defensive handgun practice without having to replace them. (About 500 rounds per person/per day).

IDPA/IPSC size model available

Some browsers display forms differently. If you're having problems sending the order form , drop us an email with the order information or fax in your order to 970-513-9371 or send to:
P.O. Box 698
Dillon, CO 80435

Family owned and operated since 1996

You can call in your order also at 970-513-9371. If you get the answering machine, it means we are in the welding shop and will return your call ASAP.
No pick-ups unless otherwise authorized in advance.

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"This is the last target stand you'll ever need to buy"
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