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Lately, some police departments are switching from the traditional steel framed target stands to a much more efficient system. Especially in regards to multi-target acquisition training.

One of our local police departments still uses the steel frame stands.
Unfortunately steel frames get damaged very quickly and have to be repaired or replaced every few sessions and the local steel and welding yard loves this at $75/hr!

With all the training and annual or quarterly qualifying, some police departments are spending a lot of money replacing those steel or wood frame stands. Especially if they are paying their officers to do it!

Let's face it, when you are required to carry a firearm, you are also required to practice.

Why? Because if you don't, you won't pass your quarterly qualifying requirements. And like anything else, unless it's easy to do, you won't practice as much.

Target Acquisition Training

Let's look at a typical day of handgun training:target & cover training

Usually you have several people lined up, in front of dual targets.
They shoot 2-4 rounds at 10 yards from a draw. Then 15 yards, 20yds and so on.

You can imagine after a half day you have a fair amount of fatigue in your shooting hand and arm, resulting in much lower scores toward the end of the day.

This results in a lot of inaccuracy and damage to whatever is being used for the frame or supports.

The only thing you can damage on these new stands is the furring strips used as the frame. They only cost about 75 cents.
Using the Tuffsteel target stands, one only needs more furring strips for a new frame.

Is  your department is paying highly paid deputies to build and repair target stands? If the answer is yes, you are wasting valuable human resources

Another instructor friend of mine was using wooden frames. These things were so big and heavy, he needed help to set them up and take them down. And I was the one lugging them around! Heck, they required an entire shed just to store 10 of them.

That is when I starting looking around for a practical solution
With the Tuffsteel stands we can store 10 stands in a 24"w x 32"L x 15"h area!

Let's face it....if it's not easy for you to set up targets, you just won't practice as much.

At Tuffsteel we believe if you carry, professionally or not, it is your duty and responsibility to be proficient when handling your firearm in any stressful situation. In a defensive situation, making even the smallest error could be disastrous.

We believe if peace officers practice more, more lives will be saved.

Currently PD's and LE Agencies in 48 states use Tuffsteel target stands not to mention  usage in all  branches of the military.

Check out the  Pro Range 22 and Pro Range 18 (IDPA/IPSC)

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