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Pro Range Model

Many have asked what the difference is between the Pro Range Model and the Original Model.

This model offers uprights with 1/8" walls but still retains a reasonably light weight. This model is most popular with police departments and youth training programs.

As you can see by the photos below, the Pro model has stronger uprights and holds the furring strips in more securely . Both pictures below show 1x2 furring strip. Furring strips may vary in thickness.

If you are shooting competitively, a gust of wind could affect your score if your target moves. The Pro Range model has more robust uprights and holds the furring strips in more securely with less wobble.

The ProRange model is also less likely damaged from a glancing round because of thicker upright walls. We have conducted field tests which show a 9mm round will dent but not penetrate the ProRange uprights. (Test conducted using a 9mm carbine, 16" barrel, 15 yards.) Additionally, the uprights were not knocked out of position and all welds held.

A.22 round won't damage the ProRange model uprights which is why it is popular when training young shooters in the prone position.

We can now install furring strip locks on this model.

Pro Range Model
1/8" walls (note tighter fit)

Standard Model
1/16" walls

side view-after 2 frontal impacts
Pro Range Model-Range Test-7/16/2011
9mm-Carbine 16 inch barrel,15 yards

New Load & Lock-It Model

We are happy to say, that after 18 months of mulling it over and looking for the "just perfect" hardware,
we have designed a target stand that takes the guess work out of the furring strips used.

As most know, the thickness of furring strips vary widely from mill to mill.

We first created the ProRange model to provide a tighter fit. That was fine, but as more shooters used our stands, the more comments we got about ill fitting furring strips. Well,  for the average shooter, it probably doesn't matter much. But as civilian shooting competition grows in popularity, more shooters want to take any risk factors out of getting a good score. If you want to hit what you aim at, then your target moving when you're not in a moving target competition may be an issue.

This new design also allows you to put just about anything in the upright that fits!

We finally found the proper hardware configuration, consisting of a specially designed nut that is slightly necked. This allows us to inset the nut into the upright before welding it for superior strength. It also provides additional thread area, insuring trouble free use without worry of stripping nut, unlike anything else on the market. Thumbscrews included.

This design also preserves the ability to stack easily. We were concerned about anything jutting out.
You can stack these new stands with or without the thumbscrews installed.

We now offer this model designed to use 2x2 furring strips.

For custom configurations, EMAIL US

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