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18 inches-outside edge to outside edge of upright supports
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  • MiG Welded
  • Change distances easily, lasts for a lifetime of shooting fun.
  • Takes seconds to set up and take down .
  • Simple, no-nonsense and rugged.
  • Stakeable legs make this a Windproof target stand (stakes included)
  • Excellent for IDPA or IPSC use. Multiple target training and qualifying.
  • Stackable (Store as many as you want in a 2-3 foot square area)
  • Light weight -Only 5 pounds!
  • Uses 2- 1x2 furring strips for target frame (Not Included)

made in usa
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It is designed to hold 1x2" furring strips as the uprights for the targets. Staple any IDPA cardboard target directly to the furring strips. Also you can put a piece of cardboard across the furring strips and shoot many paper targets of all sizes and shapes before the cardboard or the furring strips need to be replaced.

The legs are drilled to allow for staking in windy weather (stakes included).
The wood furring strips (not Included) fit quite snugly in upright supports and will take quite a beating before they expire. We've gone several sessions of intense defensive handgun practice without having to replace them. (About 500 rounds per person/per day).

These stands carry a lifetime warranty (welds & defects).

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