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The GLOCK 18 is a handgun manufactured by GLOCK. It is a GLOCK 17 with a select mode of fire switch on its slide that enables it to fire in semi-automatic or fully-automatic modes.

Caliber 9 mm
Length 186 mm
Height 155,5 mm
Width 30 mm
Mass 624 g (empty)

709 g (with 19 round magazine)

Effective range 50 m

The GLOCK 18 appears identical to the GLOCK 17, with the addition of the selector level. However, the internal dimensions of the main parts of the GLOCK 18 are slightly different from the GLOCK 17, and are not interchangeable. This was done by Glock so that the GLOCK 17 could not be considered a semi-automatic version of the GLOCK 18, but rather they are two separate guns. Some countries and jurisdictions have laws that place special restrictions on semi-automatic versions of full-automatic weapons, and if the GLOCK 18 were identical to a GLOCK 17, the GLOCK 17 would fall under those laws and be unavailable in those jurisdictions.

The GLOCK 18 is (in the U.S.) a law enforcement-only pistol that is used along with a 31 or 33 round magazine. Standard GLOCK 17, 17 round and extended 19 round magazines can also be used.

The difference between the GLOCK 18 and the GLOCK 18C is that the barrel and slide are ported on the C model to reduce muzzle climb while shooting the pistol.

Quite a few companies and individuals have made add-on selector levels that give GLOCK 17s the same select-fire abilities as the GLOCK 18. The legality of these selectors depends on jurisdiction. Sometimes it is said that these selectors turn a GLOCK 17 into a GLOCK 18. This is not possible, because the GLOCK 17 and GLOCK 18 have different and incompatible parts. These add-on selectors merely give the GLOCK 17 similar functionality to the GLOCK 18.

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