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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

  1. What size targets will it hold?
    Pretty much any size target can be used with the proper configuration. When the furring strips are "splayed", four foot supports will spread to about 30" to accommodate larger target areas. You are only restricted by the size of the cardboard backing you use unless you are attaching cardboard targets directly to wood uprights.

  2. Where can I get more stakes?
    We use 60D-6" spikes which are somewhat heavier than what is available in some areas. Anything lighter tends to bend too easily. Check your local hardware store. We also sell sandbags. Check order form.
  3. Why can't I buy these at Retail Stores
    The owner has been involved with marketing and has found that when a company decides to sell products via 'outlets'  which include places like WalMart or Sports Authority, the prices go up and the quality goes down.
  4. Why do LE agencies prefer this type?
    Four reasons:
    1.) No extra parts, 
    2.) They are stackable, saving much valuable room when storing
    3.) Quickly deployed resulting in less man hours spent setting up and more time practicing.

    4.) Less likely to damage steel components.
    5.) Avoids having highly paid resources build stands that can be damaged.
  5. Why are your stands less expensive than others like it, i.e. institutional quality?
    A few of reasons:
    1.) Since we are the manufacturers there is no middle man, hence, no mark-up.
    2.) We don' t add any frills you don't need like powder coating or the ability to take it apart which adds greatly to manufacturing costs. Besides adding staking holes and upright locks there is nothing else added besides good design and good manufacturing techniques. Our shop has an area and equipment set up and dedicated to just making these stands.
    3.) We cut expenses every possible way that doesn't affect end product.
  6. Why are your welds so strong?
    Some say it's because we manufacture at 9,500 ft altitude where there is less oxygen to contaminate the welds. This along with using high quality structural steel, we believe they are the sturdiest stands available today

  7. What is the finish?
    After all edges are de-burred, the stands are finished with industrial grade red oxide primer. Custom enamel colors available.

  8. What's the guarantee?
    As long as you own it, the welds are guaranteed against failure. Spinner welds for 1 year. Damage from abuse or shooting not included

  9. What is MiG welding?
    It stands for metal inert gas. Inert gases are used to surround the weld to help avoid oxygen contamination resulting in weak welds.

  10. How tight are the furring strips in the uprights?
    Furring strips vary a little. In the aluminum models we use a thicker wall upright and the fit is snug. In the steel models there is usually 1 to 5 millimeters of fore and aft play which can be shimmed if desired, though we have never found the need. The new Pro Range Model features thicker upright walls for a tighter furring strip fit, if that is what you require.
  11. Can I get one custom painted?
    Yes. We charge an additional $6.00 per stand for custom colors.  Check optional colors
    while ordering.
  12. What is digital welding?
    A new voltage and feed control with infinite settings instead of a 10-20 settings.
    Allows more precise 'tweaking' of controls for any given application including welding different thickness's for stronger welds.
  13. Do you make other sizes?
    Yes. We now manufacture an 18 inch stand for IDPA/IPSC
    applications and a Dual Purpose Model for both.
  14. Why don't you make larger models?
    Two reasons
    1.) Shipping issues 
    2.) The human body on average is 15-2
    5 inches in wide. Unless you are artillery training it is totally unnecessary to use target stands that need a capacity of more than 36" which our stands accommodate with no issues. If a bigger size is needed we can suggest using the wider side of a standard size barn...You can also call us...
  15. Why do you put end caps on?
    If you ever ripped vehicle upholstery or scratched yourself on a piece of cut, unprotected steel, you would's not nice. We have designed a way to put plugs in that don't come out easily..without glue.
  16. Are your stands kept in stock?
    Yes and no. All pieces are cut and prepped and kept in stock. We then manufacture them according to the orders we receive.
  17. What is a handling charge?
    Handling charges include shipping, packing materials and labor. Often this charge is misunderstood.
  18. Do you powder coat?
    No. We don't believe in adding costs to something you will be shooting at.


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