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About Us started out as Ken's Welding back in 1989, now a division of Kalaf Enterprises Corporation. We are a family owned and operated business so don't let the corporation name fool you. It's for taxes..

Kalaf Enterprises has also worked with instructors involved with CCW permit qualifying process and police departments across America. It was in 1999 we realized a new solution was needed for a more easily storable and deployable design in target stands. We just got tired of hauling around those wooden behemoths.

For years, police departments, instructors, and military had a problem finding a target stand of institutional quality that could be deployed easily in off-site real scenario target training.

Tuffsteel started manufacturing low cost, institutional quality, stack-able and stake-able target stands for police departments and instructors looking for a more efficient method of deploying and storing shooting target stands in 1999.

Our first customers were mostly government..(USCG, USBP, and USMC)

At the time there was only a couple of US companies making target stands, none of which met the requirements needed.(Stackable, stake-able, protective end caps)

Since then, we have started catering to civilian markets as well
and other competitors have come and gone.

Tuffsteel went online in March of 2004.

Currently, police departments in 48 states use Tuffsteel  target stands, not to mention all branches of the military and Homeland Defense.

Our prices beat GSA pricing for anything remotely comparable in terms of quality and usability.

Our customers include:

  • U.S. Marine Corp
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Park Service
  • DEA
  • DOE
  • DEP
  • NASA
  • US Navy(currently deployed on many warships)
  • Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Police departments in 48 states.
  • CCW and NRA instructors Nationwide
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Shooting Clubs
  • Public Safety Consortiums Nationwide.

Kalaf Enterprises Corporation d/b/a
P.O. Box 698
86 Climax Drive
Dillon, CO 80435
"Family owned and operated since 1989"

The original stackable and stakeable target stand

Frequently asked questions

"I would like to mention that our field experience with your product last fall was extremely positive. The durability, portability and ease of use made the Tuffsteel stands a perfect match for our use on this public range where target distances are changed frequently. Several were damaged by errant rounds but a little maintenance made them usable again for the most part."

Thanks again for a fine product!

Mark Clavette
Hunter Safety Administrator
DEP Wildlife Division

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